Along the way we are working hard to make sure that we DO NOT lose the proper temperament and working ability of the breed.  This is something that is extremely important to us. 

In an effort to help ensure the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs remains all that it has been and becomes all that it can be.  We have been very active in the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America  - The originally founding club for the Anatolian Shepherd Dog in North America and the official National Parent Club for the breed as recognized by the AKC, FCI, FCM, and CKC.  During the past 11 years Gary has continuously been either a Director or Officer of the ASDCA.  He has been the President of the Club for the past 4 years and is running for a new 4 year term in 2000.  Barbara has been the Show Points Chairperson for the

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past 8 years and is involved in most of the other Club activities with Gary as well.

Alex and Princess in the backyard after a recent snowfall.


Quite simply put, we attempt to breed "the best to the best".  To that end we have all of our breeding stock OFA certified to be sure they are clear of Hip Dysplasia.  We also have their thyroid levels tested and certified to be within normal range.  Additionally, we carefully screen all bitches we are approached to breed, carefully evaluating whether or not they meet the Official Breed Standard, have proper temperament and are tested and certified to be clear of Brucillosis (a type of animal venereal disease).  All of our breedings are done using written contracts with terms and conditions clearly spelled out.  This is also the case for our Puppy Sales.  All puppies are sold with written contracts and guarantees for their health.  Most importantly however, WE STAND BEHIND OUR  GUARANTEES AND OUR DOGS!  After all, the ONLY thing a breeder truly has is his reputation.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed our site and welcome any requests for further information about the breed in general or our dogs in particular.

Wishing you all the best,

Gary and Barbara Jakobi

ASDCA Ch. Birinci's Sheba in her prime.