What do we mean by "homework"?  Quite simply, it is properly socializing your puppy and young adult dog, plus giving it good "normal" obedience work. (You NEVER take Anatolians through any type of training that teaches them that it's OK for them to bite - especially humans!) When we say obedience work, we mean formal obedience classes.  The reason classes are important is that it puts you and the puppy in close proximity to other puppies/dogs and their owners.  This teaches your Anatolian that it is OK to be with you in settings where other dogs (strange dogs) and other people (strange people) are.  Your puppy will be learning that he or she can, and should, tolerate others whom he or she has not grown up with, in social settings.  They are also learning to trust your judgement when you tell them things are OK and  that other people and/or other dogs can be "friends".  While these are things that you should do with any puppy, of any breed, they are even more important for a Livestock Guardian Breed.

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Shown here is ASDCA & ARBA Champion M.A. Dostca Muhafiz a.k.a. "Alex" -  another of our fine stud dogs.


The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs' temperament is best described as fiercely loyal.  They demonstrate a possessive attitude towards their family, property and/or livestock they grow up around.  Ideally, they are calm, confident and alert.  Their strong protective instincts are aided by their very well developed senses of sight, hearing and smell.  These are further enhanced by a long memory and an unforgiving nature toward intruders - four legged OR two.  The Anatolian is suspicious of strangers, aloof when in public and may seem to expect a "formal introduction" before allowing people they don't know onto their territory.

Above is ASDCA Champion Birinci's Sansli Hanim a.k.a. "Sassy.