About Us

We have been involved with the Anatolian Shepherd dog since our introduction to the breed in 1983, while we were living in Scottsdale, AZ.  From that time until the present, our love for the breed has continually grown.  In 1988 our employer transferred us back to Wisconsin and we were able to begin living out the dream we had developed - 1) to raise and breed some of the best Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in the world and 2) to build one of the premier kennels in the United States for our breed.

Our home and kennel are situated in the middle of 40 wooded acres on the south side of what passes for a "mountain" here in central Wisconsin.  As this is "farm country", we are nicely secluded, with our nearest neighbor being a good 25 acres away in any direction.  This location gives us the ability to have as many dogs as we are comfortable owning, loving and caring for.

Currently that number is fourteen (14).  However, this number will fluctuate from time to time based upon puppies we acquire or keep and our old dogs who die.

Rough play is the rule whenever Anatolians are feeling "feisty".

Exactly What is an Anatolian Shepherd Dog?

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